A small overview of some of my larger pieces of work. This list is not exhaustive and is light on technical details. Feel free to contact me for more detail about any projects.

  • MG Midget Powertrain Swap

    MG Midget Powertrain Swap

    Over the past few summers I decided to work towards gaining a broader and more practical understanding of cars, so began...

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  • Flow Tunnel

    Flow Tunnel

    My main third year project was a group project to design and manufacture a flow tunnel which could then be...

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  • Hand Tool Design

    Hand Tool Design

    In my second year we were given a short project of designing a cordless hand tool to fit into Bosch's...

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  • Motorised Winch

    Motorised Winch

    This was a second year group project. The brief was to design and manufacture a winch capable of lifting 250kg....

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  • Transmission


    This was another small first year project to design a fixed reduction transmission, including necessary gear calculations. Many of my...

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  • Autonomous Hovercraft

    Autonomous Hovercraft

    This was a smaller project in my first term of university to create a small hovercraft which could turn a...

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  • Vending Machine

    Vending Machine

    For my A level Product Design course I designed and manufactured a prototype vending machine that does not require electricity...

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  • Air Hockey Table

    Air Hockey Table

    For my AS level project design course I designed and manufactured a tabletop air hockey game. The design had the...

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  • Misc. Small Projects

    Misc. Small Projects

    Here's a small gallery of some minor projects I've done. This is a small selection mainly dictated by what I have...

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