About Me

Who I Am

I'm a graduate mechanical engineer working in Formula 1 at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains.

I have had a great interest in all forms of automotive engineering since a young age which led me to my degree subject; first-class honours in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London.  This passion has also been explored through a vast amount of work on cars I've owned, as well as numerous of motorsport events. In addition I've had great experiences go-karting and attending track experience days.

I've picked up a wealth of experience working for Jaguar Land Rover as well as smaller placements and personal projects. Throughout my work ethic has been highly praised.

I believe I excel at finding design solutions - I obtained a patent in secondary school for a purely mechanical vending machine, as is detailed in the project section. I also back up this skill with a high level of proficiency in CAD software.

Outside of cars and work I have a strong passion for ice hockey, having led various Imperial Devils teams as their captain for the last three years.

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Cars I've Owned

1992 Rover Mini City E

  • 998cc A-Series engine.
  • 67bhp/ton

My first car: minimal tinkering limited to carburettor rebuild, water pump replacement, servicing and other miscellaneous items. Sadly sold on.

1975 MG Midget 1500

  • 1,795cc Rover K-Series engine.
  • 210bhp/ton (est.) [On completion]

My current project car: a complete engine transplant along with all other necessary modifications - more details can be found in my projects.

2002 MG ZR 160

  • Currently without an engine.

The donor for my project - halfway through parting out before being scrapped.

2004 Mazda MX-5 Euphonic

  • 1,839cc Mazda BP-Z3 engine.
  • 144bhp/ton

My current runabout. Standard for now, but may change in the future.